The Online Chinese Language Classroom is a new Chinese teaching model developed by the Chinese Plus platform in response to the challenges raised by the pandemic. It adopts a classroom management system and a remote “live class + tutoring” model to provide standardized, high-quality online Chinese education services for learners and educational institutions around the world.
The Chinese Plus platform lends support to domestic and foreign educational institutions, social organizations, and enterprises to take part in Online Chinese Language Classroom and set up localized platforms to conduct remote online Chinese education. It offers an all-in-one service package that includes online “teaching, learning, testing, and researching” as well as Chinese-centered online preparatory courses and “Chinese + vocational education” courses, among other services.
The Chinese Plus platform lends support to Online Chinese Language Classroom in various aspects of its operation, including basic network resources, teaching facilities, Chinese courses, teaching staff, teaching materials, scientific research, visits to China, scholarships, and Chinese tests. Continental Han Feng Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the establishment and running of Online Chinese Language Classroom.
Established on March 26, 2020, the "Chinese Plus" is a digital cloud service platform jointly developed by over 20 organizations, including Continental Han Feng Network Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd., Chinese Test International Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Alibaba DingTalk, Japan Youth Development Association, British Chinese Language Teaching Society, and Confucius Institute at Khon Kaen University, Thailand. This is in order for overcoming the epidemic, and uses the internet to support international Chinese teaching, learning, and testing. The Chinese Plus platform aims to incorporate global partnerships, courses, technologies, products and services among other resources to provide online teaching and educational support for schools, institutions, teachers and learners engaged in international Chinese education.
In order to allow Chinese learners across the world to study Chinese using the available network, information, and digital technologies, organizations and enterprises providing Chinese education can apply for Online Chinese Language Classroom to create localized online platforms and facilitate their online provision of resources for remote learning.
Any legal entity offering Chinese education that is legally registered in the country or region where it is located is an eligible applicant. This includes but is not limited to domestic and foreign primary and middle schools, colleges and universities, Associations for Chinese Teachers (Communications), international schools, Chinese schools, Chinese test centers, various other institutions that conduct Chinese education in foreign countries, domestic higher education institutions, enterprises that conduct international Chinese education (including regular institutions for higher learning and vocational institutions), etc.
An institution and contracting party applying for Online Chinese Language Classroom shall meet the following criteria:
1.It shall be a legally registered legal entity in its locality, with the qualifications to engage in language teaching and provide education services.
2.It shall be situated in an area where the local market has a strong demand for Chinese learning, a stable source of students, and significant scope for the development of Chinese teaching and online education.
3.It shall be equipped with the network environment and devices necessary for online Chinese teaching.
4.It shall have qualified management personnel.
5.It shall have necessary funds for running the Center and stable sources of fund.
6.It is also noted that an entity shall enjoy priority in application if it is a member of ChinesePlus.
Applicants should submit an application form with a qualification certificate or supplemental materials while carrying out negotiation on the content of the agreement.
1.Application Form for Online Chinese Language Classroom The Application Form should cover the basic information regarding the applicant entity, its management personnel and Chinese teachers, the status quo of Chinese education in its locale and the volume of students undertaking online Chinese education, the software, hardware, venues, devices and other teaching resources under its control that can be applied to facilitating Online Chinese Language Classroom, and its requirements for Online Chinese Language Classroom. The applicant should also submit its operational plan with supporting documents, including but not limited to fundraising projects, promotional activities, management of teaching affairs, and market predictions. The Application Form should be signed by the person in charge of the applicant entity and stamped with the official seal of the entity. It should be produced in duplicate and bound into a book on the left side.
2.The applicant entity’s qualification certificate.
3.Supplemental materials or references may be submitted by the applicant entity to highlight its advantages or the urgency of its application.
1.Project consultation: Entities applying for Online Chinese Language Classroom can inquire about project-related information and application requirements via the website, email, or telephone for the purpose of preliminary assessment.
2.Research on demand: The applicant entity’s preliminary plan and design for Online Chinese Language Classroom should be formulated based on the status quo of and actual demand for Chinese education in the country or region where it is located, and the Application Form for Online Chinese Language Classroom must be completed.
3.Communication and negotiation: The person completing the application should communicate with the liaison for the project regarding the applicant entity’s demands and plan, should adjust the application and other materials, and should conduct negotiations on project services, rights and obligations of each party, distribution of revenues, etc., until the parties reach an agreement on all the provisions.
4.Submitting materials: The applicant should submit the Application Form, together with other relevant materials, via email and post the original documents to the designated address.
5.Review and assessment: Upon submission of all the application materials, the review and assessment process shall begin. A review panel will carry out an assessment of each application in accordance with the Assessment Indexes for Online Chinese Language Classroom and based on the opinions of experts and local regulatory authorities. On-site reviews will be conducted if necessary.
6.Execution of agreement: Once the approval of the review panel has been confirmed, the parties shall execute the cooperation agreement regarding establishing Online Chinese Language Classroom with the presentation of a plaque.
7.Day-to-day operation: The parties shall conduct day-to-day teaching and settle accounts for paid items, such as fees for teaching management and training, on a regular basis in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.
8.Operational quality: An evaluation of the operational quality of Online Chinese Language Classroom shall be conducted based on the satisfaction survey for teachers and students, the annual report, financial settlements, the number of registered students, online teaching performance, on-site inspections, etc., and the outcome of this evaluation shall be used as a reference for the renewal of the agreement.
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